by Maria X

Across Visceral and Digital Performance

Goldsmiths | LABAN | The Albany | Home London
7-9 December 2007

All Intimacy footage, including footage from performances, the Symposium and extracts of Workshops, has been acquired by the British Library and is available for viewing through the British Library Audiovisual Collection.

Soon, footage will also be made available at the Live Art Development Agency's study room.

See reports on the event.

INTIMACY is a three-day digital and live art programme made to elicit connectivity, induce interaction and provoke debate between cutting edge artists, performers, leading scholars, respected researchers, creative thinkers and local community. A culturally urgent series of events, INTIMACY is designed to address a diverse set of responses to the notion of 'being intimate' in contemporary performance and as such, in life. Framed as a forum for artists, scholars, community workers, performers, cultural practitioners, researchers and creative thinkers, INTIMACY will feature workshops, seminars, performances, and a 1-day symposium at Goldsmiths , Laban, and The Albany, Home and online during 7-9 December, 2007.

INTIMACY invites scholars, researchers, artists and audiences to enable the interrogation and creative exploration of formal, aesthetic and affective modes of performing intimacy now.

INTIMACY is co-directed by: Maria X [aka Maria Chatzichristodoulou] & Rachel Zerihan.

The INTIMACY Board are: Prof. Johannes Birringer, Prof. Janis Jefferies, Gerald Lidstone, Prof. Adrian Heathfield, Hazel Gardiner